Saturday, March 12, 2011

Survey says 70% of first iPad 2 buyers own original iPad

Normally I don't post things relating to apple but this just blew me away. Why on earth would you need to buy the new one? I can count the differneces on one hand:
  1. Its smaller
  2. A camera on the front and back (why?)
  3. New chip
  4. "Multi-tasking"
  5. HDMI-out
I HARDLY think this is worth the new price tag. I can see some new people wanting to try it out (Hell if they were A LOT cheaper i would get one) but why these people would buy the iPad 2 when they have the 1st one is beyond me. Oh well you know what they say, "Thier is one born every minute."


  1. People don't buy iPads because they are useful, they buy them because it's cool to have one. And the first iPad isn't cool anymore, so they have to buy the second one.

  2. Too expensive, I will buy the iPad when it's cheaper

  3. I'm a computer engineer. This is relevant to my interests +Follow