Thursday, November 18, 2010

What web browser should I use?

I was looking though my stats on my blog and A large number of my visitors are still using Internet Explorer. Really guys? I thought we where pass that In this post ill explain why you should switch to firefox, Opera, or Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

  • Internet Explorer
    • Pros
      • It comes with your computer.
      • The desktop icon looks kinda cool.
    • Cons
      • Very unstable
      • Easy for hackers to hijack it
      • tons of loop holes
    • Pros
      • Over 2 million addons for making web browsing easier
      • Uses ad block plus which is the best ad remover free or not.
      • The best user script engine (grease monkey)
    • Cons
      • It uses the most system resources
      • Web browsing in generally slower then Opera or Chrome
    • Pros
      • Has the most user configuration
      • Fast javascript
    • Cons
      • No extensions
      • Has been known to have the most bugs in the past.
      • Some pages will not load correctly
  • Google Chrome
    • Pros
      • Fastest web bowser
      • has suport for exxtensions
    • Cons
      • little user configuartion
      • extension system is lacking

 Has long as your using FireFox, Opera, or Chrome you will have a great time browsing your favorite websites.


  1. depends what you're going for.
    if you like to browse quickly go for chrome, but if you like user-friendly then go for firefox

  2. Both are essentially unique, in spite of the fact that they both offer assurance to your PC framework. Along these lines, never work your PC framework without remain solitary antivirus and firewall programs, or a holding nothing back one antivirus firewall programming suite.