Monday, November 15, 2010

Parts of a Commputer: Basic parts

Believe it or not, computers don't have that many parts. A low end computer only has about six different parts that work together. In this posting Ill go thru a very basic information on each part

The case or tower is used to keep the parts inside a computer safe.

Power Supply
 The main purpose of this part is to convert the AC current (from the power in the wall) To DC current that is the power that is used inside of a computer.

Mother Board
The mother board (which is also sometimes called the main board.) Conects the parts of the computer to every other part.

Hard drive
Most people know what these are, basically this are used as storage use for saving your music, videos and pictures.

The "brain" of your computer generally the faster your processor is the faster your computer is.

RAM is the "energy" you computer has, it is used for quick calculations that the processor needs to do.

Video card
The purpose of these are to provide the computer with visuals you see on screen. Every computer has some type of video card but gamers generally spend hundreds of dollars on high end ones for better graphics in games.

This are the main parts there are others but this is just a borad over view of all the parts I will go into greater detail with a new blog post for each one.

Remember if you have any question feel free to leave a comment.


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  3. This definitely helps me build my new rig.