Thursday, August 18, 2011

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Omega first look

Lets take a look at the Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Omega by Creative.

I have had my eyes on this headset for a while now, mostly because I have 2 room mates so playing games late at night is kinda mean. another reason I have been wanting this headset is because it is wireless, The head set I use right now is wireless (all be it broken) and to be honest I am now spoiled with it. Another reason I like this head set is because it will have the quality that Creative is known for.

This head set would be perfect for anyone because this will work with not only your PC or Mac but your 360 or PS3. You can have this set up with your system and your computer at the same time all you have to do is change it with a flick of a switch. You can content this to your computer with USB or 3.5MM jacks. 

The headset also has all the great features (THX TruStudio Pro, surround sound, etc)that Creative is known for. It also has tactic profiles which allows you to save sound settings for your favorite games.

The headset should release at the end of the month for about 200 USD.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Microsoft is killing off its Zune.

Nice choice of words Microsoft.
Last month rumors where going around that Microsoft was going to kill off the Zune. The official Zune facebook said that it wasn't "killing any Zune services/ features", but that left people wondering about the actual Zune devices. Well an other month went by and now Microsoft is officially canceling the Zune line up, to shift the focus on windows 7 phones. Mircosoft's statement on why it is canceling the Zune line up is because of  "tepid demand". Very understandable when it comes to features and apps Zune was a few generations behind apple's iPod. Microsoft was hinting that Zune services could appear on Windows 7 phones and 360. Zune support will still be available in North America but Microsoft as the changes that a new Zune devices to appear on sheaves are really slim.

I was one of the first buyers of the original 30gb Zunes back in November of 2006. I had no major problems without besides the occasional lock-up. It was cool how it tried to do new things that the iPods don't even have yet. (wireless music sharing with friends, and music subscriptions.) Mine was recently stolen so I guess this is a bigger incentive to go get a new one before they are all gone.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unreal 3 and CryEngine 3 tech demos

I was going to put this videos on my video games blog but since this is more of a tech demo and not a video game I thought I would post this here. First up we will look at the Unreal Engine 3, here is the 1060p on youtube. I'll embed the video here but make sure to watch it in hi def on youtube.
Simply amazing I can't wait until we see an unreal game to come out with this tech.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Survey says 70% of first iPad 2 buyers own original iPad

Normally I don't post things relating to apple but this just blew me away. Why on earth would you need to buy the new one? I can count the differneces on one hand:
  1. Its smaller
  2. A camera on the front and back (why?)
  3. New chip
  4. "Multi-tasking"
  5. HDMI-out
I HARDLY think this is worth the new price tag. I can see some new people wanting to try it out (Hell if they were A LOT cheaper i would get one) but why these people would buy the iPad 2 when they have the 1st one is beyond me. Oh well you know what they say, "Thier is one born every minute."

Monday, March 7, 2011

Programs you must have. Revo Uninstaller

Whather you know it or not, when you uninstall a program you my think that you got rid of all the remains of it but there is a ton of stuff that is left behind from installer. Revo uninstaller replaces the add/remove programs in Windows by making sure ALL traces of the program are gone. More details after the jump.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Graphics chart

Now you might be looking at this picture and wondering what this could be about. Well if you know computers, you know that their are two brands for graphic cards  ATI(AMD now) and Nvidia. While people will tell you what they think this better, they are pretty similar. This chart shows what the equivalents on both sides are, while some might preform a little better in the same category it would not be by much. The higher on the list the faster the card is.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Programs you must have. Ultramon.

I'm going to do a new thing on my blog, Its called programs you must have, I'll tell you programs that you will need to have to make your computering experience fun.

Here is what dual monitors look like without software.
Today I'll tell you about a program called Ultramon. If you use more then one monitor you NEED a program to help you stream line it. When I heard about people getting more work done using dual monitors I figured I'd give it a shoot. I was able to use my HD television. I got everything and I was surprised that Windows 7 Doesn't stretch the taskbar to the second monitor and when I would switch a program to the other monitor the program name would still be on the first screen. After googling for a fix and a program i found a bunch of programs.  One I found was call Display fusion, and I hated it. I thought I was unable to find what I was looking for, then I asked a few of my friends and they told me to try Ultramon.

Here is what it looks with Ultramon.

It does the things I wanted it to do, it makes it so this is a taskbar on both monitors. Another feature i love is that you can have to different pictures for backgrounds (see below) Another thing i like is that it doesn't take up alot of memory. Windows task manager tells me that its only taking up about 3,000k of data. The only thing i dont like it is that it costs money its about $39.95.

As you can see here I'm a fan of scanty and kneesocks.

All in all its a great program and i wouldn't do multimoniters will out it. Here is the Website if you want more infomation.